MPC apply safety policy in all the project stages.
Pre-construction design and specification review of safety policy and standards are considered.
Pre-construction mobilization stage safety policy is very important prior any construction activities.
MPC provides multi-disciplined engineering, design and project management services to a range of industry sectors and Our objective is to create a culture awareness and environment which ensures the safety of all company employees, contractors, clients, visitors and the general public.
MPC review contractors and sub-contractors safety procedures and policies pre and during construction stages, and is not limited to safety, emergency precautions, security, insurances on site activities and public activities.
MPC are committed to achieve this objective through the provision of leadership, resources, processes and education.
MPC recognizes the need for effective occupational safety practices. Contractors, consultants and other project team are audited to make sure that Safety policies, procedures, reports and pre-cautions are maintained for site activities.
Safety is a critical aspect of our business, and forms an integral part of all activities undertaken to reduce liability risks and direct risks on project and accordingly on client and their team. Our Group business activities are managed in a manner that promotes safety of our people and the general public at the same time as protecting MPC and its clients.
MPC also apply green building PM safety procedures and encourage tosustain the land resources.