The Pre- Design Services is the stage wherein the project concept becomes identified with the particular project definition, scope, procurement strategy, timeline, cost estimates vs.

feasibility studies and dedicated funds to finance the resources.

The Project Manager’s knowledge of later project requirements, limitations and options can influence the decision process and provide necessary continuity.

The same is fulfilled through feasibility analysis, developing management plan, selection and pre-qualifications of consultants, and addition in establishing the processes and developing external parties’ agreements via RFP and assist the client in negotiating the best terms to best suite the technical and commercial conditions.

Development and Cost estimates for financing:
MPC team is dedicated to deliver at every point in the process, and to bring value by analyzing the critical aspects that will affect the success of a project from the beginning.

From identifying initial opportunities, analyzing land use, conducting zoning and environmental studies, or preparing detailed feasibility studies and packaging strategies, our top-notch experts work seamlessly with our engineers and Design Managers ( Sr Architects/Civil Engineers) to plan, manage and deliver the final product.

Our channel open book communication can ensure an ongoing dialogue with all interested parties to determine the best use of property for our clients and the community as a whole.

With the support of our sister companies in real estate industries, we can assist in providing market analysis that may influence design to determine what the market can bear.

Because of our collective experience, as a mix of international experts and local experts, we have an edge in understanding these dynamic, interdependent systems and know how/ Knowledge management to bring our clients the final product.

An initial project scope with particular project organization structure is developed with the client to the best suites the budget, but in MPC the flexibility is always tailored with continuous consultation with our clients, as to ensure that all the options are being considered.

Hence, the initial project brief is an important mile stone to the best understanding of the project particulars, by asking the right questions impacting the planning and design stages in order to determine the best solution in line with the desired project's financial feasibility study as to maximize the community's assets, or give recommendation to what can be adapted or upgraded to make it even better or more profitable.

Accordingly, the better understanding of the financial aspect of a project, the more MPC can understand client's needs to provide a better product.

Whether it's residential, commercial , hospitality , recreational , mixed use or industrial projects, our services cover all the important tasks of navigating contractual requirements, Comprehensive planning at the start brings true value to the client, by reducing risk and cost, and resulting in a better experience for the end user and the community as a whole.

Our analysis for the development packages consist of the following components: Land-use analysis & Market Program analysis
Master plan documents
Cost estimates, financial feasibility study
Added value report (feasibilities and commercial)
Implementation procurement strategies and Initial program Scheduling

Whether a public or private project, development and finance/budgeting risks do exists, MPC experts and PM services know how can manage the risks to produce a positive outcome for each project from inspiration to reality.

Our QS department, cost control and contracts managers will be assisting in preparing an added value reports to ensure that the pulse of local market material rates and construction cost with particular contingencies are set from the beginning.